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I’ve been spending a little time going through organising my blog layout as things changed when I moved to my new website… and then recently came to realise that one of my favourite inspiration shoots was never blogged on here! Oh how could I forget this? A shoot planned from six thousand miles away AND […]


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  • Katherine - Lovely shoot! I really like the floral arrangements and the flower on that wedding cake. Beautiful and elegant theme!April 22, 2015 – 10:51 am

  • Carmen - Thank you Katherine!April 26, 2015 – 4:33 pm

This very heart of mine could burst – as soon as I set eyes on Yaxin + David’s wedding photos, it was just bursting with love, admiration and a huge amount of pride. Love for every capture of the Bride + Groom. Of the sweet details. Of every loving moment. Of every emotion. Admiration for the […]


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  • betta - What a stunning wedding! And, my o my, Sarah’s pictures are divine! Absolutely gorgeous Carmen! xxOctober 29, 2014 – 1:17 pm

  • Carms - Thank you so much Betta! xoxoOctober 31, 2014 – 10:04 am

  • LucyL - Oh my word, what an amazing wedding!! The pictures just took my breath away! I can’t stop staring at the beautiful bride and all the intricate details! Thanks for sharing Carmen.

    PS, I hope motherhood is bringing you many joys xxNovember 21, 2014 – 12:56 pm

  • Carms - Hi Lucy, Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s one wedding I’m so proud to have been a part of.
    Being a mami has completely changed my world – for the better of course! Thank you once again for your sweet blog comment Lucy xoxoNovember 25, 2014 – 8:12 pm

  • Earcandy G - Absolutely stunning wedding photos! The umbrella was such an intricate touch! Gorgeous location too.March 21, 2015 – 2:24 pm

Never have I ever been so besotted with anyone like I am with this girl. Yes, I can finally say, this is my daughter Alana-Bo – who arrived safely on 19th June. And my goodness, I love her so, so much! So much, my heart could burst. Alana-Bo {Bo meaning ‘precious’ in Chinese} was born exactly […]


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  • LucyL - MANY congratulations on your beautiful daughter Carmen! I am sure she will bring you even more joy with each day xxJuly 1, 2014 – 3:14 pm

  • Carms - Thank you so much LucyL! xoxoJuly 8, 2014 – 8:45 am

  • Lindsay - Congratulations! She is adorable!August 5, 2014 – 11:42 pm

  • Matt - She’s beautiful! Congratulations!!September 10, 2014 – 6:59 pm

  • Carms - Thank you Matt!September 12, 2014 – 3:52 pm

Tracey + Hardip’s wedding will brighten up your day in so many ways. This is the gorgeous wedding of a couple who were an absolute joy to work with and I’m grateful to them for having me. Anyone who knows me and who has followed my journey since the start of Carmen Weddings will know […]


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  • Nathalie - Buttercup Bus VW Photobooth - Wow – this wedding really caught my eye. The food issuing my tummy rumble. The traditions really add to this lovely, colourful wedding. What a gorgeous outdoor ceremony setting too!February 4, 2014 – 8:09 am

  • Bernadette - Such beautiful styling Carmen, looked like a stunning weddingFebruary 8, 2014 – 9:55 pm

  • Carms - It sure was a very pretty day! Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂February 10, 2014 – 12:07 pm

  • Carms - Thank you Bernadette – it was a very pretty day! xFebruary 10, 2014 – 12:09 pm

  • Tooba - wow it looks so beautiful . Simple,classic and stylish.June 17, 2014 – 4:54 am

  • earcandy - The photography and the bride in groom in this are stunning! Fantastic work, thanks for great post as well.. The food is mouth watering 🙂September 8, 2014 – 12:34 pm

  • Phil - Hi,

    These pics make me so happy, Carmen. I’m so happy for you guys. Thank for sharing! May I feature one of your pics on a dating/social networking website I am building?October 10, 2014 – 6:19 am

  • Carms - Hi Phil,

    This wedding is a clients wedding – please contact the photographer, Marianne Taylor Photography’ to ask for permission as they are copyrighted to her. Many ThanksOctober 14, 2014 – 7:41 pm

  • Yogesh - Gorgeous wedding ceremony of the Chinese and Indian couple and congratulations to Tracey and Hardip. I am also a Indian guy and really glad to see here a Indian man who got married in such a wonderful way.March 18, 2015 – 11:42 am

  • Rachel - I love this wedding, looks so happy and relax. Although I don’t know the couple, I can feel their love and joy. When it’s my day, I will definitely contact you for a quote! And photographer too!March 30, 2016 – 1:45 pm

One cannot predict the future nor will claim to know that this new year is going to be one amazing year… but at the end of 2013, I just knew I had some very exciting planning ahead and yes, it may just be my most amazing year E.V.E.R… and here’s the very reason why… … […]


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  • Lisa Baker - Carms,

    I’m so happy for you and Paul! It is such an amazing experience and so exciting when you get to see it for the first time on the ultrasound!

    I totally understand where you are coming from with regards turning down work and having to take things a little bit slower – it doesn’t come easy when you run your own business and are used to going full throttle – but it will be totally worth it and you’ve made such a success of your business so far that you will have no trouble picking up where you left off when you decide to!

    I’ll pass on any tips I get after having our little one in March!

    Congratulations again!

    LxJanuary 10, 2014 – 11:08 am

  • Carms - Thank you so much Lisa! It was very exciting and now we cannot wait until our 20 week scan 🙂

    It’s amazing to know when other planners understand how hard it is having to work a little slower and every time I feel more energetic, I try work at the same pace again because that’s all we know! Thanks for the reassurance – I really hope after bebe’s arrival, I can pick it back up from where I left it.

    I look forward to your tips and I’m so very excited for you right now! Not long to go and I wish you a very healthy pregnancy over the final few months.

    Lots of love xoxoJanuary 10, 2014 – 12:37 pm

  • LucyL - CONGRATS Carmen, what wonderful news!! I am sure life as a mummy will bring you so much joy that you shan’t miss work too much 🙂

    On the other hand, I look forward to more blog posts from you!

    Lucy xxJanuary 27, 2014 – 11:27 am

  • Carms - Thank you so much Lucy! It’s going to be a nice little challenge this year but all in all, it’s going to be good.

    Carms xxJanuary 29, 2014 – 8:08 am

  • Bernadette - How darn exciting, I’m so excited you’re starting your journey into parenting this blog post might be helpful

    Lots of love

    Berni xxFebruary 8, 2014 – 10:01 pm

  • Carms - Thanks so much Berni! And what a fantastic post you’ve shared – it was definitely worth a read and I will no doubt re-visit again. You’ve always inspired me with running a very successful planning business, the UKAWP and juggling life with 3 children so there’s definitely no better person to write the post!! xoxoFebruary 10, 2014 – 12:16 pm

  • Louise - Bow Occasions - Belated congratulations Carmen. I have only just seen your news. I too am expecting our first baby due in April. Must be the year for wedding planner babies 🙂 I hope pregnancy is treating you well xxFebruary 10, 2014 – 6:10 pm

  • Carms - Congratulations to you too Louise! Not long to go until baby Bow Occasions – I hope you’ve had a good pregnancy so far. What an exciting time for us planners with so many babies due in 2014 xoxoFebruary 11, 2014 – 11:26 am