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Super Fun Chinese Wedding Door Games!

chinese wedding gamesPhotography by CK Expressions


Now this is one super fun topic! If you’re unfamiliar with Chinese Wedding Door Games or in need of some ideas, then read on…

At a Chinese Wedding, it’s likely the bride and groom may want some fun games {This is a fun and light hearted Chinese wedding tradition for those who have never witnessed it} Funny. Actually let me re-phrase – hilarious, crazy and complete madness, that’s what comes to mind! The first set of games or tasks are normally ‘played’ at the start of the day. The groom will normally arrive with the brides bouquet and his male entourage {otherwise known as Hing Dai’s} at the brides family home or hotel. The bride will wait in her room as all her bridesmaids and female friends {also known as Tze Mui’s} begin their Door Games.

Now, this is where all the fun begins! The groom and his Hing Dai’s will be stopped at the front door by the Tze Mui’s {most of the time by using red ribbon in between between the Hing-Dai’s and Tze Mui’s} The groom will not be allowed to see his bride until he and his Hing-Dai’s have passed all the tests set out by the very lovely ladies. Meanwhile, bride will be listening in a hidden room close by. The groom will have Lai-See in his pocket {Chinese red envelopes with money} Some will be given to young children for luck and some are ready for the Tze Mui’s when they ask for the Lai-See once the tasks have taken place. The Groom and Tze Mui’s may do some bartering. All the games and bartering, again, is light hearted fun and the money value requested by the Tze Mui’s will begin and end with the number 9’s. So, maybe £99 or £999 and so on. The number 9 represents ‘eternity’ in Chinese, therefore a lucky number for marriage.

The reason behind the games is so to prove that the Tze-Mui’s are not prepared to let their good friend go so easily and to also show the grooms love for his bride!

One reason why a Chinese wedding may not have Door Games is when couples adopt the western tradition where they prefer the grand entrance of the bride walking down the aisle.  This is of course personal choice. You can always have both as it is typical to have games at the Evening Reception too. 


So, what games are played at Chinese Wedding Door Games? Let me share with you some of my all time favourites… don’t forget to get all the boys working on this and the groom needs to show his real love for his bride!

  • Sing a very, very soppy love song so the bride can hear the groom. The more soppy, the more cheesy, the better! Keep asking the guys to turn their volume up 🙂
  • The groom must answer correctly every question asked by the Tze Mui’s about the bride and their relationship. For every incorrect answer, the groom and Hing Dai’s will have to either do press or sit ups!
  • To prove his love, dress the boys in tight leotards (over their suit is fine) or bra and knickers and then dance to a funky song set by the ladies!
  • A marriage may go through the following four flavours…  Sweet, Sour, Bitter and Spicy. So to test the grooms ability of being able to cope with what marriage may bring, ask the guys eat or drink something of each flavour… it needs to be VERY Sweet, VERY Sour, VERY Bitter and VERY Spicy…. oh no, Wasabi comes to mind.
  • No pain no gain they say… so come on girls… let’s wax the boys legs!
  • Ask the boys eat a packet of dry crackers as quickly as possible {Do be kind and have a drink on stand by though… maybe a a really strong cup of iced coffee?!}
  • Line the boys up in one long line. Place an apple or orange under the chin of guy number 1. He must then pass the fruit to the next guy in line without using any hands until it reaches the last one!

There are so many fab ideas… so do share with us what else has been done or what other ideas you have!

Remember – Chinese Wedding Door Games is all about the fun however, do not forget that it is a wedding and it is important someone like your wedding planner, keeps an eye on the time and to not go crazily over board with the games. Have plenty of water on stand by for games that may involve food that is spicy or even if the dry cracker game is on your list! Safety is always priority.

For the Lai-See money, remind Tze Mui’s to be kind to the groom! It is likely that it is money from the bride and grooms wedding budget.  {you can pre-arrange the Lai-See amount with Tze Mui’s} Other than that… have fun and enjoy every minute of it! … Carmsx

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  • gee - some good ideas here! 😀

    some other ones we have done which are slightly similar:

    – dress the guys up in sexy underwear and then do a catwalk and pose at the end
    – guys all line up and pass a bit of seaweed via mouth from one end to the other
    – fill a bucket with ice cold water and some grapes at the bottom. guys have to get the grapes out with their feet. another version i have seen is putting pennies at bottom of bucket but that is mega hard!
    – do 100 starjumps wearing those chinese slippers with the knobbly bits on them!
    – tie a polo mint onto a piece of string and wrap it round the guys waist, they then have to pelvic thrust to try and get the mint in their mouth
    – tie a chopstick onto a piece of string and wrap around guys waist, and they have to try and get the chopstick into a beer bottle on the floor without using hands
    – outline “double happiness” on a transparent sheet and guys have to wear lipstick and kiss the sheet until the word is all filled in
    – if games are in a hotel, get the guys to go round the hotel and try to get the guests to write “i love u” in as many different languages as possible (make sure they dont cheat and use hotel internet lol)
    – get the groom to wear a sweetie bra and thong (those elastic ones) and all the guys have to take turns eating them off him until they are all gone

    thats all i can think of at moment lol.. cant wait to see what new ones my girls think off for Scott!July 29, 2010 – 10:52 pm

  • Sam - Gee ~ just read your games and they made me chuckle…they are fab! Bet you cant wait to do the door games! 🙂 xoxoJuly 30, 2010 – 12:25 pm

  • Carms at Smitten By Weddings - Brilliant Gee! Great list., funny and hope to see some hilarious photos soon! Thanks for sharing and I’m sure it will help many other brides and Tze Mui’s! xJuly 30, 2010 – 12:48 pm

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  • Shaun - Hi Carmen,

    This is a great article. It was a good source when I was prepping to photograph the Door Games at a Chinese Wedding I photographed this year.

    Thanks againOctober 30, 2013 – 10:42 am

  • Carms - Hi Shaun, Thank you for calling by and so pleased to hear the post was helpful to you! I would love to see the wedding!October 31, 2013 – 7:31 pm

  • oneLove - Hi Carmen, I have a Chinese Door Game next month & found you while googling for ideas. I hope you are well 🙂

    GaryFebruary 5, 2014 – 10:03 pm

  • Carms - I hope it’s a useful post to you Gary! I’m very well thank you and hope you are too 🙂February 10, 2014 – 12:08 pm

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