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Lipstick Love + Stunning Kwa Part II

The 24 hour wait is finally over! I’m now going to share with you Part II of Ling and Phil’s stylish and traditional Chinese wedding- photographed by Joy at Beautiful Life : Video and Photography

Ling’s gold and silver threaded Kwa is incredible; along with her Chinese silk embroidered shoes and her many Dragon and Phoenix gold bangles. I have always loved Kwa gowns as the intricate detailing on them always blows me away.  Talking of wedding attire, Phil looked just as smart in his suit and like his bride, he too changed during the course of their wedding day. As many of you may already know, it is traditional to change several times through the Chinese wedding day. Come and see for yourself the lovely pieces Ling chose for her wedding!

 bridesmaids in pink

chinese wedding lion dance

Bride and Groom arriving with the must-have Red Umbrella and Lion Dance for their big day Red is the Chinese celebratory colour and the Lion Dance is to bring the bride and groom good luck and prosperity.

chinese wedding dress

Don’t forget your greens {fresh lettuce} and attach a Lai-See to it for the Lion/s. You can also have oranges or mandarins scattered for the Lion to take also.

signing chinese wedding silk cloth

wedding Glamorous Manchester

chinese wedding

The Chinese Banquet

A 12 course banquet served include: The Roast Suckling Pig, Deep Fried Crab Claws, Fresh Scallops, Soup, Vegetables, Abalone, Lobster, Steamed Whole Fish,

Sticky Rice {a really sweet meaning, as they say marriages are made to stick together!} Noodles {the length of the long noodles signifies the long marriage they will have} Red Bean Dessert {to signify the sweet and ever lasting marriage they will share} Fresh Fruit {every Chinese banquet/ meal will end with fresh fruit!}

chinese wedding banquet

The bride and groom, parents and wedding party will toast every individual guest table. Traditionally for every table they toast, the groom will drink a glass of Brandy-  in one! A dress change for Ling… who is now in her stunning Qipao.

chinese bride

For the cutting of their cake, Ling changed into her third stunning dress!

chinese wedding cake

I’m sure you have felt inspired by Ling and Phil’s Chinese wedding! As well as sharing the captured details, I hope some of the detailed information may also help you plan your Chinese wedding. If this Two Part wedding hasn’t been enough for you, head over to Beautiful Life : Video and Photography Blog for more photos to get your eyes dancing. There are some fab ideas for your Door Games {think baby bottles and bananas!}and more incredible photos of all of Ling’s dresses.

Congratulations to Ling and Phil, wishing you both a lifetime of full of happiness and may every day be filled with as much sweetness as your wedding day.

And now I am really dreaming of Red Bean dessert. Something I’m so lucky to have offered to me also each time I work on a Chinese wedding banquet!… Carms x

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  • Joy - Brilliant! Thanks for showing the pics. It really was a great wedding to photograph, so colourful and fun. Ling and Phil were really relaxed and all the games, the tea ceremonies and the lion dancing just make for great images. I didn’t know about the meaning behind the different courses of the banquet, love it!September 15, 2010 – 12:24 pm

  • Sam - Wow – beautiful – I love chinese weddings! The food has made me feel hungry especially for red bean dessert too!! 🙂 xxSeptember 15, 2010 – 1:32 pm

  • Joanne - The photos are really beautiful =D

    by the way who was your make up artist? I’m starting to plan my own wedding too but I can’t find any make up artist that is good with make-up for chinese skin tone xJanuary 7, 2011 – 4:45 pm

  • Carms is Smitten - Hi Joanne, thank you for calling by. If you’re still looking for a UK make up artist, may I recommend you search for Chinese Make Up Artist on facebook. If you’re not on facebook, drop me an email to and I’ll send you her email address. Hope this helps you and happy wedding planning! 🙂January 10, 2011 – 12:43 am

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