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Print + Paper Crush ~ Pop Up Print Shop with Abigail Warner

It seems like I’ve always had this little crush on paper and print. Before I was 10, I used to cut strips of paper to fold mini stars and filled them into jars – my Lucky Star Jar. I then obsessed over paper cranes and eventually moved onto folding hearts to keep in my purse. I only ever had the one heart note for a few days because I wanted to buy that copy of Vogue or Elle. The man at the newsagents {are they still called newsagents?!} used to look at me strangely as most of my school friends were into Just 17 or Mizz but I wanted to turn page after page and admire the beautiful print, the fonts and well the gorgeous shoes which were way too big for me back then.

So going back to this crush and fast forwarding a few years, I found out Abigail Warner was doing a Pop Up Print Shop at Ink & Thread  in my local city, Derby. I’ve been admiring Abbey’s work for some time and was really looking forward to a couple of hours of paper heaven and actually attempt Lino and Stencil Printing, and pretty paper cutting. I wasn’t sure whether I’d be any good at it but it was definitely worth a try!

A big thank you to Holly Booth for her fab photos from the Pop Up Shop –

Paper Cutting

Something I need much more practice with and I’m sure Abbey would agree!  I made one little mistake and my Thank You card was no longer the Thank You card it was meant to be. Whoops! It made me realise how much skill, patience and practice is needed to create beautiful designs but if you take a peek at some of the designs below, you can see how amazing they do look when done right.

Lino Printing

I really, really enjoyed Lino Printing. Admittedly at first I thought it would be much easier, but like every type of printing, I believe it requires great skill. Lino print is perhaps the one I focused the most on – carefully creating the stamp by cutting away bit by bit to create a raised platform ready for the ink. My 3  stars were raised and the ink sat nicely on the lino but one of the stars perhaps didn’t look quite like a star anymore! But anyway, it was fun!

Stencil Printing

This had to be my favourite in terms of the result. Creating a stencil ready for printing on fabric, this time I decided on doing something freehand and mine just had to be a puggie paw! Carefully cutting away on the stencil {which I think was made more difficult cause my design had more curves rather than straight lines}… eventually I created, what I think, was the cutest paw! This was then printed onto a canvas tote bag. Loved it!

And then there was cake : )

The next Paper & Print Shop is at Folly Home, Hinkley – why not pop along with your friends and have a go too. I promise, you’ll really enjoy it and you’ll take away some fab craft skills.

And just in case you’re wondering how my puggie paw turned out… here she is!

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  • Kate - I’m going to Abigail’s Pop Up Print shop in just over a week! I really enjoyed seeing this post and finding out what we will be getting up to in a bit more detail! xNovember 20, 2014 – 6:23 pm

  • Carms - Oh, you will have so much fun Kate creating some pretties. Enjoy! xoxoNovember 24, 2014 – 12:36 pm

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